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Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyers

Rosa & Kres, LLP is a real estate law firm that represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions throughout the Greater Boston Area and Eastern Massachusetts.

Attorneys Rosa and Kres help consumers with a variety of real estate law needs, including drafting and negotiating offers and purchase and sale agreements (P&S). They also draft deeds and draft and record declarations of homestead (homestead deed) on behalf of clients.

Attorneys Rosa & Kres also review condominium documents, and they are experienced advising clients relative to purchasing short sales and bank-owned properties (foreclosures). They also help with for sale by owner transactions (FSBO).

The purchase of a house or condominium is often the largest financial investment made by a person or a couple. An error when buying real estate can cost you a lot of money. The complexities and technicalities involved in real estate transactions require the service of an experienced real estate lawyer who represents your interests.

You should consult a real estate attorney before you sign an offer. An offer, despite what well-intentioned real estate professionals might tell you to the contrary, is a legally binding contract between the buyer and seller that defines the rights and duties of the parties. Those rights and duties may be altered or further defined in the purchase and sale agreement; however, failure to sign a purchase and sale agreement may still result in the parties being bound by the offer's terms and conditions.

Preferably, you should consult with a real estate lawyer as soon as you know you are going to buy a house or condominium or as soon as you know you want to put your house or condominium up for sale. This means you should contact a real estate lawyer even before you call in a real estate broker.

A buyer also should have his or her own personal real estate attorney even though the buyer likely will pay for the bank attorney, commonly referred to as the closing attorney. The bank or closing attorney does not get involved until the end of the transaction, far too late to prevent potential problems that may jeopardize a buyer's deposit or finances in some other way. In addition, the closing attorney's loyalties are to the lender, not to the buyer.

If you would like to consult an experienced real estate lawyer, please use our contact form. Additionally, there are a variety of articles and other sources of information available in our Web site's legal resources and real estate resources sections.

Please be advised that this Web site is for informational purposes only, and it is not meant to serve legal advice. Please read our entire disclaimer.

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